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Artemis Legal, is an established woman owned company based in Tucson, Arizona specializing in supporting the legal needs of the city of Tucson and it’s surrounding areas. At Artemis Legal, we are all about integrity and strive to provide our clients with the highest level of professional service. Our clients’ needs and concerns are the most important factor in our services. We take care of the job in a timely manner and ALWAYS get the job done the right way. Our repeat clients will tell you that the honesty, consistency, and communication at Artemis Legal shows through in the quality of services provided.

Although we serve all legal documents, our most common services pertain to collections, family law, evictions, criminal subpoenas, and other civil cases. In addition to service of process, we also offer private investigation services. Do you need to run a background check on a potential business partner or find a missing person? Call us today and we can offer you what you need in Tucson, throughout Arizona, and beyond.

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Artemis Legal did an awesome job for me. They served the person I needed served very quickly, filed the paperwork with the court and throughout were very responsive to my questions etc. Thank you!!

Lynn Kollman

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